Covid 19 refund policy (2021-2022 indoor season)
  • Refund requests received before October 24th, 2021 will be issued in full.
  • Refund requests received between October 24th and November 6th will be issued  in full minus $20
  • Refund requests received on or after Nov 7th, will be issued in full, minus $20, minus $10 per game week.

For example: Bob registered early and paid $140. He asks to be refunded during game week 2 (week leading to matchday 2), he will get: 140-20-10*2=$100 credited back to his original form of payment.

What if the season gets halted due to Covid?

What if the season gets halted due to Covid?

The league will follow the directives from our governing body (ASA).

The season can be extended a few week in March/April.

If a full season is not an option, players will be refunded in accordance with the refund policy.


What is Leduc Adult Soccer ?

Leduc Adult Soccer is an adult soccer club based out of Leduc that provides adults, of all age levels and genders, opportunities to play soccer locally.  Although we are independent from the Leduc Soccer Association (LSA), we work closely with the minor soccer to promote soccer in Leduc. If you are an adult, man or woman,  looking to play competitive or recreational soccer, we most definitely have a program for you.


  • To register for and adult program (coed league, Leduc united men’s team, …), register by clicking on the form found on the home page of this website.
  • To register for minor soccer with LSA (minor soccer), register via

Be advised that both Minor soccer and adult soccer in Leduc use the term UNITED to designate their competitive teams,  so make sure you register for the correct age level.

What are the program offered by Leduc Adult Soccer ?

Leduc Adult Soccer currently offers :

Outdoor season:

  •  the Leduc Adult Outdoor Coed league (U12 size outdoor fields, 14 teams in 2019, 14-16 weeks long, Alberta soccer insured, referees provided, plays on Sundays in Leduc).
  • the Leduc United men’s competitive team (plays on full size fields, Div 2 outdoor with EDSA, games usually on Tuesdays).
  • the Leduc re-United men’s competitive team (plays on full size fields, Div 4 outdoor with EDSA, games usually on Thursdays).

Indoor season:

  •  the Leduc Adult Indoor Coed league (indoor season, 12 teams in 2018-19, 14 weeks long, Alberta soccer insured, referees provided, plays on Sundays in Leduc). Indoor season usually starts late November.
  • the Leduc United men’s competitive team (plays  Div 3 indoor  with EDSA, games usually on Wednesdays).


Do I need a player card?

You will have to show some ID to the referee before the starts of each game. If you have a players card from an other association (EDSA, EMSA, …), feel free to use it, if you don’t, bring a valid ID with a photo (driver’s license, …).

How can I register to the coed league or the united mens team?

You can register:

I am 16, can I play with Leduc Adult Soccer?

Players who wants to join the Leduc Adult Coed league or the Leduc United men’s team must be 16 y.o. or over.

Although we welcome all players (16 y.o. or older),we believe that players should play at their age level. For minor soccer info and registrations with LSA (click “here“).

If LSA does not have a program for your age level, then we will accept you to one of our program with pleasure!

What equipment do I need?
  • You will need to supply your own short, soccer socks, soccer shoes (indoor or outdoor), shin pads.
  • No jewellry is allowed on the field as per FIFA law 4.
  • Jerseys are provided for the competitive mens team that plays EDSA (must be returned at the end of the season).
  • Teams playing in the coed league are responsible to provide their own jerseys (the league can supply jerseys to some teams on a first come first serve basis while quantities last). jerseys must be returned at the end of each season.
What is the jersey policy?
  • Teams playing in the coed league are responsible to provide their own jerseys. If necessary, the league can supply jerseys to some teams on a first come first serve basis while quantities last. jerseys must be returned at the end of each season.
  • In the event that two teams have similar color of jerseys, one of the team can choose to use their alternate jersey (if they have one), If not, the home team will wear pinnies (practice bibs) provided by the league. Jerseys are provided for the competitive mens team that plays EDSA (must be returned at the end of the season).
Is there a minimum number of women per team in Coed?
  • For the coed league, The league will enforce a minimum of 1 women at all time during the game.

 If both teams agree and advise the referee, this rule can be waived. If a team is not able to field the minimum number of women requirement, they can borrow a female player (from another team in the league, without penalty).


What is the game format for indoor?

Both the coed league and the united mens team plays follow FIFA rules adapted to indoor soccer:


  • 2*25 min halves (no stoppage of time, except in the last minute of each half)
  • subs on the fly
  • 6vs6
  • rules for indoor (“here“)
What is the game format for outdoor?
  • The United mens team plays FIFA rules, 11vs11, on regulation size fields (2*45 min halves). Fifa rules (here)
  • The Coed league plays modified FIFA rules (same rules as the U12 age level soccer), smaller fields, smaller nets, 8vs8, 2*35 min halves, offside at the “blue line”. U12 rules (here)
How many players are registered per team for indoor or outdoor?

Based on past experience, we recommend teams to register a minimum of 15 players per teams to allow for players not available on game day (work, red card, injury, vacation, …). Players are to share the time as equally as possible.


***covid 19 update: the roster size might be limited this year to accomodate the cohort size regulations as provided by AHS.

How do I get assigned to a team?

In the coed league, if you do not have a team, we will assign you to one. The team assignment is fairly straightforward.  we try to make team as even as possible in terms of strengths and gender. This process can take some time but you will be notified no later than a week before the start of the season. If you request to play with somebody you know we will try our best to accommodate your request (not a problem usually unless the team is full).

If I am missing a game, can I send a friend to play to replace me?

No. Because of Covid 19 cohort group rules, we will not allow subs/trialists of any kind.

How long is the season?

Depending on the number of teams, the length of the season for EDSA will vary (between 14-16 weeks usually).

What happens if I injure myself ?

Insurance is provided through the Alberta Soccer Association insurance policy (policy “here“). Contact the coed league director as soon as possible to learn the insurance claim process.


I heard the coed league has access to a provincial spot?

Yes we do!!! The Leduc Adult Coed league (LACL) has been chosen to represent the battle soccer district at provincials. The league sends a male team and a female team to Tier 3 provincials each season. This is a very competitive competition and only the best players will be selected to represent the league at provincials. Players selected to play in provincials will split the cost of registering the team (usually around $500) to the competition among themselves. Players registered to both edsa and LACL are not eligible to go to provincial through the coed league (however they can still go through their edsa team).

***edit covid 19, no provincial tournament scheduled

Interested in starting your own team?

Whether you want to register a coed team within the LACL or start a team in EDSA (women’s, master’s, classic’s, a men’s team, …) and be part of the Leduc Adult Soccer club Family, let us know how we can support you with your project. We look forward to hear from you.


email [email protected]

Do you have any programs for kids (summer camps, ...)?

Leduc Soccer Association is our partner for minor soccer.

Contact them at or [email protected]

No Slide tackle

There is absolutely NO SLIDE TACKLING, even by the keeper. ‘Slide Tackling’ is defined as “A tackle in soccer in which a player attempts to disrupt the play, or take possession of the ball away from an opponent with neither foot planted on the ground – sliding with one or both legs extended to block or push the ball away from an opposing player.” The slide tackle is committed against an opponent where the ball is within playing distance. Slide tackling is punished with a caution. The restart is an indirect free kick to the opposition from where the offence occurred. What is allowed (When done in a safe manner) :

  • Lunging or reaching for a ball with one foot planted.
  • Sliding to play or block a ball where no opponent is involved.
  • Playing the ball from the ground from a stationary position.
  • Jumping for a ball with neither foot on the ground.