Leduc Adult Coed League Schedule and standings

Playoff week 3

All games at the Leduc Rec Centre

Sat, Feb 23rd

  • 9pm: Rusty cleats vs Gone strong/Crispy kickers
  • 10pm: Impact vs Playmore

Sun, Feb 24th

  • 7pm: gold medal game: BlindCo vs Smokin chickens
  • 8pm: 3rd place finisher : Raging hornets vs Shake n bake
  • 9pm: 5th place finisher: Pruvan construction vs Tosh
  • 10pm: 7th place finisher: Baynes FC vs Happy chappy

full schedule here

blank game sheets here

  • Top Scorers:
  1. Ken Armstrong (44)
  2. MacDonald Seth (32)
  3. Matt Stamper (30)


  • Team Pruvan construction:

Nathan Osborne (16)

Ethan Wollman (15)

Paul Drader (14)

Cameron Turgeon (11)

Tom Laurie (9)

Mike Pronk (7)

Michael Stadnyk (5)

Niclas Gross (3)

Devan Green (3)

Kiel Christenson (2)

  • Team Raging hornets:

Matt Stamper (30)

David Kelm (23)

Simon Kelm (10)

Tyler Morgan (5)

Eric Racancoj (4)

Amy Belec (3)

Dakota Deschamps (2)

Elias Buwalda (1)

  • Team Gone strong athletics/ crispy kickers:

Andrew Veltri (17)

David Johnstone (12)

Sarah Gallotti (6)

Paul wright (5)

Dexter Rodts (4)

Trevor Hall (3)

Trish Tercher (2)

Ryan Stevenson (2)

Tim Boulton (1)

  • Team Rusty cleats:

Ralph Hulshot (6)

Mark Ritchie (5)

Daniel Prins (3)

Tristan Prins (3)

Austin Pyrch (3)

Jason Ritchie (2)

Brydan Huff (1)

Jamie Subchuck (1)

Freddy Kipambe (1)

Eddy Kipambe (1)


  • Team Smokin chickens:


Samuel Kelm (27)

PJ Kelm (19)

Bryan Garcia (14)

Igor Marchenko (12)

Jason Aalders (10)

Adam rahaman (6)

Joshua de Goeij (4)

wendy Lavalley (4)

Karim Mason (3)

Dwayne Knight (2)

Melissa matiko (2)

Mike Matiko (2)

Bea Szulc (1)

  • Team Tosh:

Ken Armstrong (44)

Joanna Stokes (7)

Philip Kemball (7)

Scott Flynn (6)

Jamie edgar (6)

Christian Schranz (3)

Ty Sykdal (3)

Casey Allen (2)

Tony Bosch (2)

Connie Schranz (1)

Hendrik Osterink (1)

Joanne Gibson (1)

Stuart Gibson (1)

  • Team Shake n Bake:

Randy Bignell (22)

Mike O’Sullivan (21)

Mathieu Boute (7)

Matt Caunce (7)

Stephen Parcollet (7)

Maurice Kelliher (5)

Johnathan whallen (6)

Alyss Douglas (4)

Jason Dalhman (4)

Dinis Correia (1)


  • Team BlindCo:

Kevin Onyschuk (16)

Shane Cooper (12)

Cosam Malenga (10)

Carl Ruediger (9)

Robert Weldon (6)

Sam Ruediger (6)

Anthony Koopmans (4)

Nassim Saib (3)

Nathan Gabbert (3)

Kim Zomerman (2)

Cosam Malenga (1)

Jessica Needhan (1)

  • Team Playmore:

Daniel Goz (17)

Andrew Wilson (5)

Donald Naidu (4)

Dustin Nelson (4)

Chris Villeneuve (2)

Joshua Clark (2)

Jorge Sepulveda (1)

Martin Matthiesen (1)

Michael Villeneuve (1)

  • Team Impact:

MacDonal Seth (32)

Andrea Coene (11)

Chad Coene (10)

Slavik Arabsky (6)

Andrew Paker (5)

Arabsky Serg (6)

Arsenault Paul (3)

Nathan Netelenbos (3)

Heine Jordan (2)


  • Team Baynes FC:

Mic Miller (8)

Colin Miller (9)

Jordan Robertson (6)

Matthew Darcy (5)

Timothy Lasker (5)

Delain VanDer Waal (4)

Remi Theberge (4)

Brett Baynes (3)

Chris Mosley (3)

Derek McDonnell (2)

Kyle Buchanan (2)

Derek McDonnell (1)

Pierce Curtin (1)

Jordan Steinhauer (1)



  • Team Happy chappy:

Adam McKenzie (18)

Luke Stevenson (11)

Joseph Meinema (9)

Jessica Round (6)

Jason Meetsma (4)

Juan Huss (4)

Jarod McKenzie (4)

Emily Meetsma (2)

Will Weldmanis (1)

Peter Lauterborn (1)

Christina Howdle (1)




  • Standings
  1. Smokin chickens
  2. BlindCo
  3. Shake n Bake
  4. Raging Hornets
  5. Pruvan Construction
  6. Tosh
  7. Baynes
  8. Happy chappy
  9. Playmore
  10. Impact
  11. Gone strong/Crispy kickers
  12. Rusty cleats

In case of a tie in standings, direct head to head result should be considered first, then goal differential.

About Leduc Adult Soccer

DSC_0071Leduc Adult Soccer (L.A.S.) was created in 2015 to fill the structural gap that exists at the local Level between minor soccer and adult teams.We believe it is critical for the development of soccer in Canada to have adult teams working in partnership with minor soccer clubs. Leduc Adult Soccer offers adult recreational programs (Leduc Adult Coed League) and adult competitive programs (Leduc United teams). Leduc Adult Soccer offers opportunities for adults of all skills and gender to continue play the sport they love in and around Leduc. For minor soccer programs, contact the Leduc Soccer Association.
T20160306_210659he Leduc Adult Coed League (LACL) is a great place for adults of all skills and levels to play soccer in a structured environment. Games are played on Sundays at the rec center in Leduc during the winter (6vs6 standard indoor format game) and during the summer at Lede park (8vs8 format, field location here). For more info about the Leduc Adult Coed league and learn how to join our great league, click here.

For the players looking for a more competitive environment, Leduc Adult Soccer, created the Leduc United competitive program. Our indoor team is registered in Div 3 with EDSA  (standard 6 vs 6 indoor format, games on Wednesdays throughout Edmonton). Our two outdoor men’s team, Leduc United and Leduc re-United, are affiliated in EDSA. Leduc United will be playing the 2019 outdoor season in EDSA Div 2. Games will be on Tuesdays and practice on Sundays afternoon (once a week). Leduc re-United will play in Tier 4, with games on Thursdays, practice time will be shared with the Div 2 team. Registrations for the United teams must be done in person (try outs to be announced). To join the Leduc United team (or Leduc United reserve team), contact Mathieu.boute@gmail.com. More info about the United program can be found “here“.

The Leduc Adult Soccer development plan for the upcoming season is as follows: 2019 outdoor season:

  • Leduc United registered in EDSA Div 2 outdoor.
  • Leduc re-United registered in EDSA Tier 4 outdoor, and affiliated with the Div 2 team (meaning that players from the tier4 team can play up in the Div 2 team).
  • 14+ Coed teams registered in the Leduc Adult Coed League (LACL).

Future projects: We are looking to expand the Leduc United teams with a womens team and a Masters mens team both registered in EDSA.   We are currently looking for players, coaches and managers for the competitive men’s and future competitive women’s and master’s teams. If you are interested in a position in our United program, contact LeducAdultSoccer@gmail.com or Mathieu.boute@gmail.com for more details.

Registrations for the 2019 outdoor season of the Leduc Adult Coed League (LACL)

Registrations for the outdoor season of the Leduc Adult Coed League are open.  Registrations are done on a first come first served basis. Early bird pricing in effect till March 31st (Cost is $100, becomes $130 on April 1st) Players joining late will be placed on a waiting list in the order they arrive.

Registrations to a competitive Mens Leduc United Team

Registrations for the 2019 outdoor season of the Leduc United (Div 2 outdoor) and Leduc re-United EDSA teams are open.  Contact Mathieu Boute for tryout dates. Pre-season practices and exhibition games will be scheduled shortly. Games are on Tuesdays (Div 2 team) and Thursdays (Tier 4 team). Registrations are made in person. Contact : mathieu.boute@gmail.com if you would like more info

A well integrated and coordinated program that has offered me the chance to play soccer with a great bunch of guys. The coed league really brings the local community together.

Matt Caunce

Team Nisku Inn/Leduc United

I played this year in the coed league and the competitive team and I am loving it.  I am very happy with the direction the Leduc Adult soccer club is going.

Scott Flynn

Team Nisku Inn/Leduc United

Leduc finally has a quality adult program for soccer. It is now possible for young players to play soccer locally with LSA and then transition into adulthood with Leduc Adult Soccer. I am proud to be a part of the Leduc Soccer Association and the Leduc Adult Soccer family.

Craig Cooper

BRSA president/LSA vice president





Latest News

2018 outdoor season start on May 6th

The outdoor season is scheduled to start on May 6th, 2018. Early bird fee in effect till March 31st. we expect to have between 8 and 10 coed teams in the Leduc adult coed league and 2 competitive mens teams in the EDSA league. Check the Coed or United section for more...

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Season Start on Sunday, May 7th

After being delayed by a week by the city closing the fields for maintenance, we are getting ready to start the Leduc Adult Coed League on Sunday, May 7th! Games schedule: Sunday, May 7 th, 5:15pm, (U12 north field aka field 17): : Nisku inn vs Smokin chickens...

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Delayed start to the 2017 outdoor season due to weather.

The city of Leduc advised us that they will not be able to properly line the field on time for our scheduled start of the season. This is because of the inclement weather we have been getting in the last little while. As a consequence, all games scheduled on April...

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