Leduc Adult Coed League Schedule and standings

Week4 : July 25th

Lede 17 (north) :

  • 4:20pm: Happy chappy vs Topcheese
  • 5:20pm : Rapid FC vs Tosh
  • 7pm : Baynes FC vs BlindCo

Lede 18 (south) :

  • 4:20pm : Krispy kickers vs FC Southsiders
  • 5:40pm: Newcity electrique vs Smokin chickens
  • 7pm : LK Lions vs Raging hornets

Schedule ici

  • Top Scorers:


  • Team Raging hornets

Matt Stamper (2)

Amy Belec (1)

Allecia McAvoy (1)

David Kelm (1)

Andrew Fischer (1)

Tanner Leeb (1)

Maurice Fischer (1)

  • Team FC southsiders

Regan Bueckert (2)

Reese Lonsdale (1)

Marlowe wilson (1)

Jemma Taylor (1)

  • Team Beaumont Rapid

Nolan Fedechko (3)

Seth MacDonald (2)

Nathan Netelenbos (2)

Andrew Packer (1)

  • Team Krispy kickers

Brayden Jacobson (4)

Jordyn Kulhavy (4)

Shaniece Carriere (2)

Eathan Knutson (1)


  • Team Baynes Family wellness

Kiel Christenson (3)

Colin Miller (3)

Bretton Baynes (1)

  • Team BlindCo

Sam Ruediger (5)

Carl Ruediger (3)

Kevin Onyschuk (3)

Nasim Saib (2)

Jessica Needham (1)

Kevin Macneil (1)

Megan Dibartolo (1)

Kody cekotka (1)

Anthony koopmans (1)

  • Team Smokin chickens

Sanuel Kelm (5)

Joseph Obiri (4)

Patrick Obiri (3)

Niclas Gross (2)

PJ Kelm (2)

  • Team Tosh

Scott Flynn (2)

Matt Caunce (1)

Tony Bosch (1)

Joanne Miechowicz (1)

Stuart Gibson (1)

  • Team Newcity electric

Daniel Goz (1)

Newcity Electric (1)

  • Team Top cheese

Marcel reisdorf (1)

Andrew Vanderburg (1)

Sarah Gallotti (1)

Stephen Parcollet (1)

Brayden Swartz (1)

  • Team LK lions
  • Team Happy chappy

Isaac Meetsma (2)









  • Standings group A
  1. Smokin chickens 6pts (Goal differential +14)
  2. Tosh 4pts (Goal differential +3)
  3. Rapid FC 3pts (Goal differential +5)
  4. Topcheese  3 pts (Goal differential -7)
  5. Happy chappy  1 pts (Goal differential -8)
  6. Newcity electric 0pts (Goal differential -7)


  • Standings group B
  1. Raging hornets 6pts (Goal differential +7)
  2. BlindCo 3pts (Goal differential +9)
  3. Baynes family wellness 3pts (Goal differential +1)
  4. Krispy kickers 3pts (Goal differential +0)
  5. LK Lions 3pts (Goal differential -12)
  6. FC southsiders 0pts (Goal differential -5)

In case of a tie in standings, direct head to head result should be considered first, then goal differential.

About Leduc Adult Soccer

DSC_0071Leduc Adult Soccer (L.A.S.) was created in 2015 to fill the structural gap that exists at the local Level between minor soccer and adult teams.We believe it is critical for the development of soccer in Canada to have adult teams working in partnership with minor soccer clubs. Leduc Adult Soccer offers adult recreational programs (Leduc Adult Coed League) and adult competitive programs (Leduc United teams). Leduc Adult Soccer offers opportunities for adults of all skills and gender to continue play the sport they love in and around Leduc. For minor soccer programs, contact the Leduc Soccer Association.

T20160306_210659he Leduc Adult Coed League (LACL) is a great place for adults of all skills and levels to play soccer in a structured environment. Games are played on Sundays at the rec center in Leduc during the winter (6vs6 standard indoor format game) and during the summer at Lede park (8vs8 format, field location here). For more info about the Leduc Adult Coed league and learn how to join our great league, click here.

For the players looking for a more competitive environment, Leduc Adult Soccer, created the Leduc United competitive program. Our indoor team is registered in Div 3 with EDSA  (standard 6 vs 6 indoor format, games on Wednesdays throughout Edmonton). Leduc United will be playing the 2021 outdoor season in EDSA Div 2. Registrations for the United teams must be done in person (try outs to be announced). To join the Leduc United team. contact [email protected] More info about the United program can be found “here“.

Registrations for the 2021 outdoor season of the Leduc Adult Coed League (LACL)

Registrations for the outdoor season of the Leduc Adult Coed League are open.  Cost is $60 per player. Season starts on June 27th 2021. Due to Covid 19, price, league format, schedule, times, …. are subject to change.

Registrations to a competitive Mens Leduc United Team

Registrations for the 2021 outdoor season of the Leduc United.Contact Mathieu Boute for tryout dates. Registrations are made in person. Contact : [email protected] if you would like more info

A well integrated and coordinated program that has offered me the chance to play soccer with a great bunch of guys. The coed league really brings the local community together.

Matt Caunce

Team Nisku Inn/Leduc United

I played this year in the coed league and the competitive team and I am loving it.  I am very happy with the direction the Leduc Adult soccer club is going.

Scott Flynn

Team Nisku Inn/Leduc United

Leduc finally has a quality adult program for soccer. It is now possible for young players to play soccer locally with LSA and then transition into adulthood with Leduc Adult Soccer. I am proud to be a part of the Leduc Soccer Association and the Leduc Adult Soccer family.

Craig Cooper

BRSA president/LSA vice president





Latest News

2018 outdoor season start on May 6th

The outdoor season is scheduled to start on May 6th, 2018. Early bird fee in effect till March 31st. we expect to have between 8 and 10 coed teams in the Leduc adult coed league and 2 competitive mens teams in the EDSA league. Check the Coed or United section for more...

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Season Start on Sunday, May 7th

After being delayed by a week by the city closing the fields for maintenance, we are getting ready to start the Leduc Adult Coed League on Sunday, May 7th! Games schedule: Sunday, May 7 th, 5:15pm, (U12 north field aka field 17): : Nisku inn vs Smokin chickens...

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Delayed start to the 2017 outdoor season due to weather.

The city of Leduc advised us that they will not be able to properly line the field on time for our scheduled start of the season. This is because of the inclement weather we have been getting in the last little while. As a consequence, all games scheduled on April...

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