Leduc Adult Soccer will be introducing a “refer a friend program” for the 2016/17 indoor season.

The program is as straightforward as it sounds and was created to reward our network of awesome people within the Leduc Adult Soccer club and introduce our great programs to new players.

For every new friend (must have never been registered to a leduc adult soccer programs before) that you refer to a Leduc Adult Soccer program (Leduc Adult Coed league or Leduc United team), you will receive a $10 gift card every time they put your name down as a referral on the registration form and pay the registration fee.

Example 1: “Player A” registers to the coed league and “Player A” refers “Player B” to the united team and he gets accepted to the team (player B has never been registered to a L.A.S program). Both players A and B pay the full registration price for the L.A.S. program they register for. Player A sends an email to [email protected] to claim his prize (info will be cross checked) and player A receives a $10 gift card from the league. If player B does not get accepted to the united team, player A will not receive the referral bonus.

Example 2: “player A” really likes the programs we have at Leduc Adult Soccer, Player A registers himself to the coed league and refers 10, 20 or 30 new friends to our programs! Player A and his friends must pay the full registration fee for the program they register for. About six weeks after the start of the season, Player A receives a $100 gift card from the league (if he refers 10 friends), $200 gift card (if he refers 20 friends), $300 gift card (if he refers 30 friends). At that point you are pretty much getting paid to play soccer! Congratulations, you just made it as a professional soccer player!!!

Note: To receive the gift cards, send an email to [email protected] indicating the names of the new players you referred. After cross checking the submitted info, gift cards will be redeemed to player A. Both the “referred” player and the player “refereeing” must be in good standing with the league and have paid a full registration fee.